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Foot Operated Suction Pump
















Dim (cms) : 20 X 22 X 12
Wt. (gms) : 1200
Capacity (ml) : 500
Max Vac (mm of Hg) : 300
Jar : Polycarbonate, Unbreakable



• Independent of any power source.
• No Maintenance
• Ready to use
• Nonstop operation in all conditions
• Powerful & Fast

• It is accepted as one of the most reliable &    effective mobile pumps.
• By simple compressing and releasing the    bellows, a partial vacuum is produced and    transferred over the bottle to the suction tube.
• A partial vacuum of 210 mm of Hg is obtained    after a single compression & release of the    bellows and after a few more cycles, the    maximum of 300 mm of Hg is obtained.
• The rate of pumping required is slow,    approximately once every three seconds.
• In an emergency, should the bottle overfill, the    pump will continue unaffected.
• Fluids will be ejected through an overflow outlet    on the top cap of the bottle and also on the top of    the bellows.
• Use of the catheter holder enables the vacuum to    be controlled to a maximum of 190 mm of Hg. If    the aperture is closed merely by holding a finger    on it, the maximum vacuum possible is raised to    300 mm of Hg.


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